taking care

Translating is not only transferring words from one language to another in a written form with precise grammar, it is also the art of conveying a message from one language to another, taking into consideration the context of their cultures to fully reflect the original meaning. Working at the IDB and living in the greater Washington D.C. area have added a multicultural capstone to my translating abilities.

I understand the importance of communicating in proper Spanish to demonstrate commitment and respect for the culture you are trying to reach. For the purpose of providing my clients with top quality translations in a variety of content from English into Spanish, I always ask a fellow translator and colleague of many years, Catalina Robinson, to review my work. Her added Panamanian perspective complements my Peruvian point of view.

Among my areas of translation expertise are business, education, legal, marketing, journalism, theology, and travel.

Different than translation, interpretation is transferring words from one language into another orally (spoken words). I work in three different modes of interpretation: consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, and sight translation.

Among my areas of interpretation expertise are Special Education (public schools), Community Services, Immigration, legal, and theology.

Whether you are looking for translation services or interpretation services… let Relevant Translations meet your expectations!